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Farriery Pictorial Highlights 2011 (31 December 2011)

Farriery Pictorial Highlights 2011

Phase Two apprentices 2010-11 CJ.Fitzpatrick, Ian Heffernan, Dan Maher, Reamonn O'Connor, Liam Mullen, Jason Hogan and Darren Cooney

Members of the Irish Master Farriers Association, The Irish Farriery Authority and The Irish School of Farriery met with HMH Queen Elizabeth 2 during her visit to the National Stud in May 2011.

Sea the Stars was presented to the members of the European Federation of Farriers Association during their visit to Ireland in September 2011

John Brennan and Liam O'Donovan, IMFA examiners, assessing one of the horses to be shod in the practical exam. (Sept 2011)

Derek Burrell, Michael O' Toole, Ian Worrell, Barry McGrath and Jonathan Fallon after successfully completing the IMFA final exams. (Sept 2011), Missing from the picture is Mark O'Toole.

Huw Dyer, Jeremy Stanley, John O'Connell, Paul Duddy, Donal Bennett, Martin Leahy and unknown after Jack Carey had commissioned the power hammer in the School of Farriery. (Nov 2011)

Huw Dyer demonstrating his Londonderry Forge knife and tool sharpening system in the School of Farriery. (Nov 2011)

Mark Hestor demonstrating the 'Seven Nails' alternative to shoes in the School of Farriery. (Nov 2011)

Jack Carey watches as Paul Duddy puts the finishing touches on a lilley headed poker. The iron had been forged, twisted and the head flattened on the power hammer. The School of Farriery. (Nov 2011)

John McAteer and Brian Mangan, (apprentices) listen to Grant Moon's advice

Instuctor Alwyn McKeown demonstrating hot fitting techniques to students in the School of Farriery

Assessing angles prior to shoeing, (School of Farriery)

Assessing angles post shoeing (School of Farriery)

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