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Irish International Team (01 Jan 2015)

Irish International Team Trials 2012, which took place on
Saturday 21st January 2012 were hosted by Alwyn & Erica McKeown, at Crossan Forge, Crossan, Lisburn
Co. Antrim
Senior Judge Sam Brennan named the Senior team members as Paul Robson, the Shaughnessy brothers, Rodney Ross and David Lynch. The competition was close, with fractions of a point covering the top men.
2011 Irish International Team judged the Apprentices; chosen were Aaron Mulhall, John McAteer, Phil Smith, Stewart McGraffney, reserves Reamonn O'Connor and Darren Clooney.
The Home Internationals are scheduled for 15th -17th March at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Societies facilities in Powys.

Irish Team Home Internationals 2010 Irish School of Farriery